SMS messaging has long been an integral part of the marketing activities of companies in various industries – from banks and government to FMCG. At the same time, the unethical use of this communication tool often undermines consumer confidence in the companies-initiators. Spam generates a negative attitude from the recipients to the brand and, consequently, reduces the effectiveness of marketing activities.
In this context, mobile marketing section at the Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association (UDMA) initiated the establishment of the Mobile Marketing Code – a document that contains a set of rules for self-restraint in conducting marketing activities with the use of mobile marketing tool. The major purpose of the Code is to keep consumer confidence in this instrument of communication high. The Code is built on the symbiosis of the current legislation of Ukraine, foreign experience and, most important, – common sense.

In this project, customers are given the opportunity to submit a complaint to UDMA for receiving SMS spam. The Project Coordinator makes sure the sender reviews the complaint and, if necessary, removes subscriber contacts from the database. Companies that do not want to remove consumer contacts will be blacklisted as offenders. A violation of law will also be recorded and forwarded to the relevant government authorities.

We believe mobile marketing code, which was signed by the key players in this market, will allow companies to provide the correct communication with consumers. As a result, both market players and consumers will achieve the most positive effect from the use of mobile marketing tools. Subscribers should make their own decision whether they want to participate in a particular marketing activity and leave it anytime.